Ellen Skiff BFA Communication Design Thesis Spring 2017

Visual Souvenirs

For my thesis I have recreated a 5 day trip I took to San Francisco in January of this year. What you see are each of the five days, day one starting on the left and day five on the right. I used 3D rendering to create these works. In each of the models I took inspiration from my travel journal of each day to recreate the themes and objects into self-sufficient, abstracted forms. This project at its core is a projection for my desire to travel and see the world. It also is a projection of my inclination to connect with people. I believe that our most basic instincts to talk and share our story with others shows through in my intention for this project.

The concept of this project is to represent a first hand experience by using visual souvenirs to create a set of pieces that can be used to display the trip itself, and the feeling of being in the place you visited. I took visual souvenirs from the trip that shaped my view of San Francisco, and attempted to create them in a way that shows how I felt while wandering around the city. I chose to use 3D rendering for my thesis because of my hunger to learn new applications in communicating design. I discovered Blender in my junior year for a publication project and from there discovered artists using the same medium that were a huge inspiration. In the future I aspire to be able to create more interesting, abstract, fascinating, other-worldly renderings that can be applied to branding, graphic design, and advertising.

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Spring 2017