Jessica Stroia MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2017

Cope Stones

Cope Stones is a series of stories and poems which use the language of fairy tales to discuss different methods of approaching problems in one’s personal life. The texts are presented in unconventional ways, combining book art and sculptural techniques to investigate the entanglement of form and content.

Each object requires the audience to interact with it in some way in order to read the text. The actions performed by the reader become part of the piece, expressing commentary about the content of the writing. To read the text about processing for example, the reader must unwind the ribbon on which the story is typed, their actions embodying the work which must be done to mentally process a situation.

The project draws on aspects of content, form, and audience participation to explore methods of coping. The stories depict different issues and ways of reacting to them. Each form expresses the coping method in a physical way, providing unspoken commentary and demonstrating its drawbacks or benefits. Each form also requires the reader to participate, dictating their actions and therefore curating their experience of the piece.

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