Chelsea Snow MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2017

Spiritual Bricolage

Walking a labyrinth as a meditation; having an intimate conversation in a safe place; collecting and graphing data: these are all examples of ways that I have sought meaning. They are also examples of different paths I might have taken in life: becoming a nun, a therapist, or a social scientist. Choosing to become an artist doesn’t change the fact that I still identify with these archetypes, all of which share the same intended outcome: to change the world, one step, conversation or data point at a time.

I’m curious about the ways people seek meaning in their lives, especially now, in this time of great upheaval and uncertainty. How do we seek as individuals? In relationship? In community? And—how is it working? This project is an interactive inquiry-based installation which asks questions about the ways meaning is constructed—personally, interpersonally and publicly. The interplay between these three distinct pieces, and the way we are asked to interact with them, points to the complexity of our need for a deeper understanding of the conscious and unconscious choices we make about where and how we look for and experience meaning.

—Chelsea Snow

May 2017

120 albums

MFA in Applied Craft + Design Thesis Works