Bowen Feeley MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2017

Donner Party

This Thesis “A Man’s Leading Role” examines the significance of Masculinity, specifically, the facade, the shell and the performance of masculinity. Also, how Masculinity is represented in American culture as the “tough guy facade”. This performance of masculinity has long gone unquestioned. Evaluating and critiquing, masculinity has been defended and the underlying concept of American identity and is not seen this as an unnatural facade, a performance or a role. Critique of trait models of gender and rigid typologies is sound. The treatment of the subject in question; masculinity, can be improved with the aid of dialogues and shining light on the invisibility of masculinity; we need to recognize social struggles in which subordinated masculinities influence dominant forms. The idea of preforming masculinity, the concept of hegemony, and the emphasis on change) and what needs to be discarded (one-dimensional treatment of masculinity and trait conceptions of gender). Suggestions of the reformulation of the concept in four areas: a more complex model of gender or the unraveling of gender, emphasizing the agency of women; explicit recognition of the medias role in promoting masculinities tropes, emphasizing the violence that is promoted in male culture; a more specific treatment of embodiment in context of privilege and power; and a stronger emphasis on the dynamics of masculinity, recognizing internal contradictions and the possibilities of movement toward gender equality.

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