Adam Ciresi Visual Studies MFA Thesis 2017

Anthropogenic Hemorrhaging

Climate change due to global warming is a very serious issue that has been brought on by capitalist production. Landscapes are severely affected by industrialism, through mining, digging, producing, transporting, and the varying forms of socio-economic growth. Unfettered capitalism authorizes loose oil regulations, resulting in the damage of nature, such as with oil spills. The majority of Americans are in some way complicit within rapacious forms of socio-economic systems, through capitalism’s subjugation of consumerism and hegemonic control. These systems are heavily reliant on fossil fuels for keep the machine running. As we continue further into the Anthropocene, the geological epoch defined humanity’s altering of the Earth, the scientific community warns that climate change will cause humanitarian disasters of immense proportions. In a painting series titled Anthropogenic Hemorrhaging, made with used motor oil painted on paper, the artworks employ traditional styles of painting the sublime with the very material that is the cause for political friction, wars, socio-economic disparity, and the destruction of nature. Vast landscapes representationally painted in the brown, sepia-colored oil exude the ominous and the beautiful. The haziness and drips of the oil on paper reflect modern landscapes and ubiquity of pollution. Our hope may exist in horizontal forms of organizing, generating fully sustainable modes of energy production, and resist the vertical powers that delude the masses into believing fossil fuels is our only hope for a future.

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