Corrin Olson Visual Studies MFA Thesis 2017

Transformational Angst

By using moments of vulnerability where the unfired clay is left broken and scarred, and the wire holding up the forms has the potential to be cut causing collapse, this installation deals with feelings of anxiety, exposure, isolation, and tension. There is both a strength and fragility apparent in the final installation. It is intended for the viewer to walk in, through, under, and around it giving an immersive experience. The potential danger of collapse is meant to keep a viewer present and aware of their surroundings and to confront the viewer head on with states of entropy involved in systems and the figurative.

Corrin M Olson is a sculptor and installation artist living in Portland, Oregon. She is inspired by artists Antony Gormley, Lynda Benglis, Louise Bourgeois, Albert Giacometti, and Francis Bacon, among others. She received her BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Boise State University, where she focused on cast metal foundry work, and completed her MFA in Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art focusing on Installation Art. Olson was co-founder of the Visual Arts Collective in Boise, Idaho; owned and operated Guigon Olson Studios; and has work in both private and corporate collections across the US and abroad. She is a process based artist, believing that meaning is found through the making. Her interest lies predominantly in material properties and how to test and experiment with these. On a conceptual level, she tackles ideas of anxiety, chaos, tension, and entropy and how to render them visible.

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