Jenna Reineking MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2017

Reconstructing Deconstructed Constructs

Reconstructing Deconstructed Constructs is interested in exposing the mechanisms of how determining function and naming inevitably place value judgment on things, relegating them to a realm of limited possibility – a place where the agenda of a few dictates the potentials of many. I am interested in the utilization of commonplace objects’ as means by which I can reveal deeper issues surrounding value. My intention is to afford the opportunity for new narratives to be constructed, and new uses and values to be assigned to objects that have previously been limited by their presumed functions. I aim to show objects have the potential to become more than their fabricated limitations. I want to interrogate the mechanisms in society that have the ability to limit an object’s capability and bring into question who exactly is creating these limitations and for what purpose. Furthermore, I am interested in investigating whether these object interactions can be used to inform how these very same mechanisms affect human relations.

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