Vincent Aloia Visual Studies MFA Thesis Spring 2017

I create finite situations, discrete objects, and paintings to examine relationships with access, control, boundary creation, and transgression. Using simple accessible materials and an awareness of interaction patterns, I produce objects that may present opportunities for physical engagement. The structures and imagery I use reflect on individual choices and consequence through implementation strategies that utilize play, violence, touch, humor, and sharing.
Hierarchical social patterns maintain and reinforce themselves socially, culturally, and economically. Violence, spectacle, and the fetishization of objects and wealth are used to promote the greed and ignorance which reinforce such power structures.

Pedagogical tools such as the piggy bank instill the need to save and hoard, and use comfort found in supposed eventualities of surplus to placate us and make regular and accepted the state of not-having-enough. These same devices can be used to expose, analyze, and confront systems of control, value, and desire. Interactive sculptures prompt participation. Utilizing humor, alienation, and other forms of boundary transgression, these participatory vessels explore consequence, responsibility, and privilege.

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