Sammie Cetta BFA Printmaking Thesis Spring 2016

The objective of this thesis paper is to identify the relationship between one’s personal library and the Sun. The threads that bind these topics together are referred to as the quiet space: the liminal space in which all anxieties fall aside and the humble clarity of a void is found within our inner dialogues. The quiet space is not exclusively a place of emotional experience, but it is a space where nothing is something much more fulfilling. The space between these two entities, the library and the sun, can’t exist without their inseparable counterparts, the book and the sky; this space is emphasized in the elements found in the quiet space: poetry (physical or verbal), analog technologies, and emotions (the articulation of them). The definitions and clarifications of these terms themselves are poetic and personal, thus they are not entirely universal.

The body of the thesis studio work is a study on the elements of the Library and the Sun’s quiet space. It identifies the space between the Sun as the Library, and vice versa. This allegory is constructed through the following objects: a functional yet modular bookshelf, an ephemeral sundial, a subjective newspaper, a mass of hand-formed charms, a score without symbols, and a diagram without objectives. Together, these objects constitute a reading space. This reading space is literally a quiet space. Consequently, it further extends the allegory of Sun as Library, Sky as Book, and Sundial as Self. These objects also illuminate a tension against two ways of learning: knowledge learned from others, and knowledge acquired from lived experience.

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Spring 2016