Kelly Peyton MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2016

Trust in Ma

Ma is a dynamic brand and business model that breathes life into the handcraft of weaving as a means of production. Ma’s mindful ethos is rooted in designing resilient products that place equal emphasis on well-being for the maker, the consumer and the earth.

The definition of ‘ma’ has cross- cultural roots; in sanskrit it means to make, produce, or create. In Latin, ‘ma’ is the feminine root prefix as exemplified in the English words matriarch, mater, matrix, or in the Spanish word mano (hand.) ‘Ma’ is also often the first identifiable sound uttered by babies, and so as a brand, Ma promotes the nurturing aspects of the mother.

The Ritual Rug is Ma’s premier product. This versatile, durable, hand-woven rug, is for the modern nomad seeking to find a sense of stillness in any situation. Whether traveling, exploring the great outdoors, or navigating the chaos of city life, the Ritual Rug can be taken anywhere, and provides a sacred space that has the potential to unfold in a variety of contexts. This comforting object acts as a constant invitation to lie down, stretch out, meditate, or daydream… to ultimately relax our minds, sink into our bodies and breathe.

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