Diane Einsiedler MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2016


The seed of inspiration that has grown into AMALYN WORKWEAR was nurtured over thousands of hours in the field and studio. The outcome is a branded product line that supports women who are engaged with creative endeavors of the everyday. Founded on the principles of hard work, form and function, AMALYN celebrates how we move, make, dig and get dirty.

What follows is the story of origins, from research and development, inspiration to prototype. From cotton fields in California to factory floors in North Carolina I have set out to engage with the materials, tools, and production of our material consumption. In line with the philosophies of the Slow Movement, my goal is to highlight how connecting to production affects how we participate in our work, communities and creative pursuits.

Born out of a need for functional, hard-working garments designed specifically for women, this need has developed into a desire to create a community around the soft tools that help us do all the things we love to do. Fourteen hour farm days, the bare soil of a freshly harvested cotton field, abandoned brick mills, the spark of magic in a natural dye vat – these fragments of personal and shared experiences have shaped the spirit of this endeavor.

In this effort to reconsider what femininity can be through making purpose-driven garments, AMALYN is an evolving exploration of the ways we physically craft our everyday, by women, for women.

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