Hannah Ames BFA Sculpture Thesis Spring 2016

Transcorporeal Alchemy

What does it mean to be human? What is nature? Transcorporeal Alchemy is my multimedia installation that investigates human’s relationship to the natural world and creates a space to contemplate — hoping for a new engagement, awareness and/or acknowledgement. Humans have transformed this relationship multiple ways and categorized it from many perspectives, which informed my research. My own visual symbology developed connecting with wild woman archetypes and mythology. This I have bricolaged with scholarly opinions, historical evidence, personal perceptions and reflections. The many layers of this installation begin to illuminate how humans have become so distanced from being a part of nature.

Transcorporeal Alchemy is imbued with this bricolage and my own awareness as an artist to unite these layers, is present in my choices of material, representations, and multimedia. Transforming material to repurposed identities is part of my physical sculpture and what is necessary for ourselves while also connecting to qualities of alchemy. Acknowledging we are not separate or superior animals, in or of nature, is part of transcorporeality. Our role and part in the planet is ever present, as our official era the anthropocene addresses. The many components in Transcorporeal Alchemy all exist as access points to engage the challenges, constructions, contradictions and creative problem-solving possibilities. My role as artist can answer a part of the question of what human relations are to nature. Awareness is the start.

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Spring 2016