Malcolm Bridwell BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2016

Bot Buddies – Apocalyptic Robot Action Figures

My project is toy design used to explore the idea of overuse and development of technology. I fully created three robotic characters based off of household items or chores in a post-apocalyptic setting to show an exaggerated, satirical look at the end result of too much technological automation and a misuse of artificial intelligence. These characters are represented in a total of four pieces completed with pencil and Photoshop that would be the characters’ box art and show them working on their daily duties. Three other pieces were constructed in Illustrator as character turnarounds to be used as toy designs, animation models or any number of instructive uses. I also constructed a paper mockup close to what the idealized toy would look like, also built in Illustrator, printed and cut out.

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Spring 2016