Mareika Glenn BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2016

Relativity: In The Spaces of the Mind is a two-volume anthology which tells the story or time, space, and higher dimensions, through collected poetry, short fiction, and non- fiction essays. Each book has been fully illustrated, to add a layer of visual metaphor to the text.
This two volume book volumes really tells the same story from two different perspectives. Each volume begins by questioning the linear assumptions we make about time and space, and from there delves into the nature of space, gravity, time, and the possibility of higher dimensions.
This duality between truth and fiction is key to the success of the book. Human learn through metaphor, by relating new information and experiences to what they already understand. By introducing new theories of space and time through narratives, the abstract ideas in this book are made more concrete.
In the wake of works like Nick Sousanis’s Unflattening, this book is just one more example of what is possible when art and science are used to support each other. In keeping with Sousanis’s philosophy, the illustrations in each volume use visual metaphor and narrative to give the reader yet another entrance into the text.
Both volumes have been fully illustrated, hand bound, and finished with intaglio printed covers, hand painted detailing, and silver plating. They are designed to be read, annotated, dog eared, and loved. This project takes the form of an art book, but each edition should be treated first as a book, and secondarily as an art object.

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Spring 2016