Donald Bergstrom MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2016

Stone, Line, and Light

Matter to light, ideas to object, one substantial, the other ephemeral; intimately related; these are the foundations of my work. My work is about phenomena of invention, process, transformation and obliquity. It is about the ideas embedded in form. Ideas and materials weave in and out exchanging role as warp and weft. Inspired by Yuichiro Kojiro’s Forms in Japan, I have been exploring the creation and transformation of fundamental forms. This initially took the form of an iconic graphic language, in which I created a series of drawings based on the seventy-seven forms introduced in Forms In Japan. I then turned to objects, and made an extensive series of transparent plastic forms, investigating ways to construct them in the most minimal way. Throughout, my interest focused on the ways in which these objects interacted with light. As this investigation continued I began to consider more deeply the works of Maya Lin, Yoko Ono, Andy Goldsworthy, James Turrell, Ingo Maurer, Sol LeWitt, Gertrude Goldschmidt, and Bjork. All influenced my making process. In order to most tightly integrate material and light I began to use weathered stones found on ocean beaches as forms for the production of silicone molds. The molds were used to cast transparent epoxy resin impressions of the stones. I embed light emitting diodes in the transparent stones. This unusual source of light then becomes the illuminating agent for more complex works that combined ideas about the convergence of line and form. Returning to Kojiro, reflecting on forms that are the products of human ingenuity and labor, forms of unity, collection, arrangement, enclosure, support, curve, fluidity, and transfiguration, I finally envisioned capturing the emergence of forms, genesis, self-assembly in nature. The final unifying idea became the genesis of forms from a single line. Working in metals and lighted resin, points on surface become collections of three-dimensional forms in space.

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