Dana Rudolph MFA LRVS Thesis 2015

Filling Empty Spaces: Grief, Nostalgia, and Art as Souvenir

My practice explores ideas of nostalgia, grief, loss, and anxiety. Throughout my work I look at the shift that takes place in a person’s life after experiencing loss and learning what it means to grieve. I am interested in how nostalgia and souvenirs function as tools with which retrieval of normalcy is attempted after a loss is experienced.

Through various forms of printmaking and drawing I create images that contain information from my past, souvenirs of memory and personal history. These memory spaces are amalgamations of truth and fiction, of time and space, and of past and present. Each examines a place of comfort invaded by representations of fear and loss.

My work maps my personal anxiety in the form of prints and drawings of scars that line the inside of my mouth. Self-inflicted during times of anxiety since a young age, these scars are the physical toll of the anxiety I have about ideas of loss, grief, and the unavoidable sadness that is a part of life.

Low Residency MFA in Visual Studies (LRVS)

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Spring 2015

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