Evan Isoline MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2015


My thesis installation, entitled RESURRECTION MACHINE, is not a machine in any ordinary sense, its utility being visual and metaphorical. Nonetheless it is a device that transforms and directs meaning through associations of discrete fragments accumulating into what is to be considered as a unified whole, or a ‘machine.’ The title alludes to a symbiotic relationship between immortality and industry.

The installation utilizes visual methods of consumer display and also contradicts these methods. It does so by casting two valences simultaneously. The first is a glamorous layer that is constructed through the appropriation of aesthetics including pop, minimalist design, fashion advertising, and store display. The installation abounds in bright colors, puritanical reverence for composition and form, and symbolically staged objects not dissimilar to the vanitas still life genre paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries.

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