Micah Schmelzer MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2015


Existing as a human in contemporary society experience is strongly dictated by the use of technology and digital systems of information. Much of how modern humans perceive reality is shaped by the use of interfaces, screens, and digitally formatted media. It is almost impossible to go through the day without interacting with technology. Present-day humans are culturally inundated by information that is streamed, searched, and amassed for consumption. Underneath the immediately visible shimmer of information lays a system of control that is specific to the use of digital devices and media consumerism. The devices that supply users with information and media also manipulate the moving human body and mind. My thesis work is a video installation that uses some of the tools of technology (e.g. video projection, flat screen monitors, tablets, surveillance cameras, and miniature computers) to highlight the systems of control that exists in technology. The work aims to create a purposeful engagement with these technological mechanisms of control. Further calling into question the act of using technology and the effects of technologies manipulation of our perception of agency through interactivity and anonymity.

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