Katelyn Piatt MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2015

In Person

I use my gender identity and body size, as a fat woman, to create participatory performance that I then use for creating artwork in a variety of non-performance mediums, such as video, sculpture, and illustration. Dominant American culture, particularly that of heterosexual culture, serves as a source for this work in that it constructs normalcy on which the individual places importance and then categorizes everything else based on that importance. Deviating from this normalcy creates an Othering from those categories and often that specific person is punished for their “Otherness.” An example of this would be the concept of “fat-shaming.” With these concepts in mind, I make artwork based on experiences from my life and experiences I create with the people around me. This could include, but is not limited to, people I know and the general public. I also use my daily experiences of being a fat-bodied female, and the emotions and politics found in that, as a source for making.

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