Bertrand Morin MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2015

Artifacts 1

Everyday life can be as strange as science fiction. The body of work Artifacts 1 is an installation of photography, text, and objects, that explores this idea through the display of an archive of fictitious documents paired with evidentiary, scientific, and historical information. The methods of display in the work are derived from museology and therefore carry an air of veracity, while the images and added text contradict this authority through obviously fabricated logical systems, and intentionally blatant misinformation. Together, the visual and textual data displayed in Artifacts 1 act as a lens through which the viewer is asked to closely scrutinize the malleability of knowledge and the construction of truth. Specifically, the work uses images of everyday or mundane scenes and objects that have been altered by adding text and removing the original context as a means to question perceptions, definitions, and to engage the viewer’s imagination.

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Spring 2015

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