Jadene Fourman MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2015

The Casting of the Net: Co-Creating with the Harmonic Elemental Forming Laws of Nature

I have designed a group of vibrationally harmonic sculptural instruments that activate an ancient technology of transmutation for reversing man-made entropic patterns and open an energetic gateway to the healing geometries of Nature.

Set in the built environment, these harmonic artworks serve as engagement portals by which human beings may receive the influence of ancient elemental forces. Simple proximity to these instruments is enough to become attuned to their resonant field, so viewers easily access their benefits.

As meditation is a tool for calming thoughts, the Egyptian science of BioGeometry has a qualitative impact on biological systems, effectively transmuting electromagnetic fields (EMFs) into harmonious subtle energy that heals and protects the body and mind.

I have observed the ability of landscape to respond to commercial development through consideration of local initiatives, architecture, Permaculture, books, journal articles, interviews, and direct mystical experience. My project explored the unnatural entropic pattern set in motion by commercial development, the corollary threat to human evolutionary wayfinding, and the potential impact of science-backed design applied to art for harmonizing thought. I have crafted an object-scale architecture for directing resource flow which measurably reestablishes sources of unfragmented natural energy patterns otherwise present only in natural systems on their way towards climax.

It is my hope that via engagement with my harmonically-designed sculptural instruments, the human mind can break through the vibrational noise of the developed world to access a diversity of new solutions to our current march toward global systemic collapse.

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