Jake Mcintire MFA Collaborative Design Practicum 2015

UNION Industrial Coworking: Coming Together to MAKE change in Ogden, Utah

This thesis follows and accounts the development of UNION as a strategy that uses techniques of neighborhood renewal, cultural entrepreneurship, real-estate development, and collaborative relationships to cultivate a creative economy and catalyze change in Ogden, Utah. These techniques are discussed through their background and use to provide precedents and insights. This thesis describes the design, early-stage implementation, and growth strategies of UNION, an industrial coworking space. UNION is purposefully leveraging entrepreneurship, architecture, collaboration, and stakeholder-centered design to stimulate social, cultural, and economic development. The City Transformation Model developed for this thesis explains the dynamic and transformative nature of urban environments and serves as a platform for understanding opportunities for engagement. The Reflection and Strategies Used sections toward the conclusion of this thesis is a personal account of what it has been like to utilize Collaborative Design techniques in a large-scale multi-stakeholder engagement—including best practices, challenges, and a synthesis of insights.

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