Olivia Guethling CD MFA Practicum 2015

Operation Starship

Starship is an event production company. We co-create interactions and memorable experiences to empower our participants. Starship connects events with local and international stakeholders and networks. This thesis is a manifesto and a background story of about the evolution of a practice to implement the change I want to see in the world. This thesis also explores opportunities, concepts, and visions of contemporary business practices to create the mission-driven, interdisciplinary, and transformative business called Starship. The main objective of my project and this thesis is to elevate visual design disciplines by making them part of the process of business development and strategy to unveil opportunities and increase work efficiency. The last chapter discusses the business model and Starship’s design process tools to create and produce participatory events. Starship translates the known term Experience Design from digital design (which is often understood as user-centered design approach, predominantly for Apps) and applies it to the entire event design process. Experiences do not just happen when launching the final product or event. Experiences stand within the process of co-creating with the client. A holistic design approach creates better results, coherent storytelling and powerful communication. This requires a design company to live this paradigm. Starship will do this through strong communication, a commitment to a learning culture, and mindful organizational management.

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