Rachel Hermes BFA Intermedia Thesis Spring 2015

The Force of Buried Water: Scoring Non-Human Agency in Portland’s Tanner Springs Park

My thesis project as a whole is an examination of non-human agency and the doubly shaping relationship of the human and the wild in my own life and in the city of Portland, Oregon. In this project, ‘agency’ is used to describe the ability of an entity to influence its environment. This paper is an attempt to see non-human agency at work in Tanner Springs Park in Portland, Oregon. This park is a unique intersection of natural forces and human intervention, where an entire lake was buried by a train yard, then resurrected 100 years later as a pond within a city block. The theories of Bruno Latour and Niklas Luhmann are applied in an attempt to outline where agency lies in the development of the site. Lawrence Halprin’s work in the RSVP cycles and ecoscoring is also consulted and discussed as an effective way to map agency

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Spring 2015