Linzi Lloyd BFA Communication Design Thesis Spring 2015


The current model of interaction with our personal technological devices creates a neurological problem in regards to awareness: while using a device the individual experiences the sensation of being “sucked into” the screen, and the rest of the world seems to fade away. In order to solve this problem, I’ve utilized calm technology principles in designing a wearable technology ankle band that prevents this problem from occurring while using a turn-by-turn navigation application. GIDE is a wearable technology ankle band that provides non-visual cues for navigation prompts. It pairs via Bluetooth to the user’s smart phone, syncing with their preferred turn-by-turn navigation application, then takes the navigation prompts – “turn left” – and translates them to haptic feedback in the direction of travel, sending them to the ankle band; “turn left” equals vibration on the left side of the band. This type of interaction frees up the individual’s visual sense, enabling them to observe their surroundings while navigating, as opposed to concentrating on a smart phone screen. This allows their brains to make visual spatial connections to their environment, established a sense of place and awareness of their surroundings, eliminating the “sucked into” problem.

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Spring 2015