Julia Steig BFA General Fine Arts Thesis Spring 2015

Everything But Ecstasy: A Sensory Investigation of West Coast Rave Culture

These photos taken by Oliverr Whiite (spacekitt3n) are documentation of my sensory room installation at a sixteen-and-up rave party that occurred on April 25th, 2015. I wanted my sensory room to be a place that patrons could feel safe, find new ways to interact with each other, and enjoy the party. I asked Oliverr (a well-known local rave photographer) to take photographs of patrons in my sensory room any way he saw fit. I used his photographs as my method of documentation for the project because event photographers are the preferred method for rave documentation through today’s social media. I arranged a selection of his photos from the party based on level of activity, internal or external displays of attention, and environmental interactions of ravers with elements of the sensory room. I chose the elements for my sensory room based on their luminosity, texture, UV-reactive qualities, and affinity to elements of rave culture. I sewed thirteen fabric doughnuts and three large fake fur gummy worms to be hugged and moved around by patrons. My intent was to channel the common rave value system of “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect” through my work. I would know my sensory room became a space of safety by watching patrons’ actions and emotions, conducting some interviews, and comparing the “vibe” of the space to my wealth of experience from attending other parties.

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Spring 2015