Nicholas Robinson BFA Photography Thesis Spring 2015

Dare to be Different

This paper is written as a basic how-to guide for beginners interested in becoming product advertisement photographers. The focus will be on understanding the basic ideas for product advertising photography rather than how to use a camera. The main idea in this paper is how to make a powerful advertisement image. In the beginning of the paper I share a story about my first experience recognizing the combination of fine art photography and commercial photography. I then explain why photography is the perfect medium for product advertisement, including its past and present use. Next, I go into different types of product advertisement photography and explain and give examples of how you, as an aspiring commercial photographer, can take those ideas and shift them to give them a more creative spin on basic advertisement techniques. Then, I talk about what I think the most effective ways of advertising are today. Lastly, I end the paper by pulling together all of the examples to give a conclusion of what makes a powerful advertisement image, and how sometimes you must dare to be different.

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Spring 2015