Laura Burke BFA Printmaking Thesis Spring 2015

Drawing And Touch

The following essays center around the tactility of drawing, and its relation to everyday life. The first in the series of three, My Lines Don’t Lie, walks the reader through the process of drawing and its intrinsic link to body language, and the notion of truth.

The second, Idle Hands, is a personal poetic essay relating ideas of touch and contact to mundane activities such as walking from one place to another, or having a stranger tap on your shoulder.

The last essay, titled Ten Months of My Hands Doing Things, is a photo essay that takes the viewer/reader through a timeline of the maker/ author’s PNCA thesis process. It’s a visual manifestation meant to depict a love story in the fashion of an authoritative document.

The title of this suite of essays, A Collection of Essays on: Drawing And Touch, mirrors the layout of the content. The first and last essays act as literal bookends; they are quite simply essays about drawing and touching things. The “And” existing in the middle is a poetic interpretation of the themes explored between them.

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Spring 2015