Dylan McDaniel-Zawicki BFA Intermedia Thesis Spring 2015

Composition no. 9

This thesis is an explanation for my methodology in creating with regards to other artistic influences and where they have led me. Through my research, I focus on the main elements of my work as they are: music, surrealism, magic, and transgression. I aim to explore the links between each of these subjects as they take form in my own video work, whose behavior extends beyond its appearances and into the realm of imagination as provoked in the minds of the viewer. This work, which celebrates the ideas I have isolated for further analysis, is important to me because of the cathartic process it involves and the spirit it cares to transmit. If I am to give further life to work like this, I feel the need to examine those who have influenced me, in order to pinpoint exactly what works and doesn’t work for my own vision catalyzed by their own.

Through this deeper understanding of past explored techniques of automatic nature, and a study of the functions within avant-garde works of film, I explain why my thesis work functions and behaves in the manner that it does, and the ends to which these means serve. In the future, this research, along with the process of creating I have undertaken, should aid me in further and grander artistic expeditions to unprecedented territory as I have been reaching towards with a cheap and minimalist approach, venturing towards new ideas and methods of expression.

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Spring 2015