Ann Lewis BFA Communication Design Thesis Spring 2015

Great White Lies

In general my work is a cultural critique of irrational fear of sharks based out of “The Jaws Effect” and the sensational media that surrounds sharks. When delivered correctly, satire can function as both sophisticated and pointed cultural critique. In order to produce a cutting critique of misguided and irrational fear of sharks, my project will satirize the myths surrounding the behavior of Great White sharks.

As an author and advocate for shark protection, I am driven to create this project by a deep frustration over the misguided public image of the Great White shark which I believe is strongly related to their image in American pop culture and film. While I could have taken a more journalistic point of view, and examined how facts stack up against myth, or aimed to educate my audience about the interesting and overall docile nature of Great White sharks, I feel that subverting the phenomena of shark imagery in American pop culture will create a more memorable and rich critique. In addition, I believe shark-fearing Americans will be more likely to interact with my book as part of the pop culture they’re accustomed to, rather than as an educational object.

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Spring 2015