Jordan Conway BFA Photography Thesis Spring 2015


In this work, I explore Portland chopper culture through a specific group in order to break stereotypes and explore ideas related to identity, craft, and our connections with objects. I want to show how owning an old motorcycle is a willing commitment of time that blends the line between work and leisure. I also want to show people things that they wouldn’t be able to just imagine or see in an ad. The photos show the everyday experience of being involved in this culture. I shot all of the photographs on a 4×5 large format camera, a process which requires time and attention in a way that reflects working on an old bike. The 16 photos shown are chosen for their individual significance, and also inform one another to create a larger reading of the work and this lifestyle as a whole. These images break expectations of what the actual experience is of working on and riding old motorcycles.

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Spring 2015