Beth Krynick BFA Communication Design Thesis Spring 2015

Into the Wilderness: a Girls’ Guide to Getting Lost in the Woods and Finding Herself There

Told through an illustrated collection of nature essays & other writings is a book that encourages young women to make their way into the wilderness with the intentions to build a stronger connection to themselves and the natural world which will in turn foster a passion to make change elsewhere.

Using the basic structures of wilderness retreats such as Outward Bound and the Hero’s Journey Foundation, Into the Wilderness leads young women on a journey of self reflection through six parts: motivation, preparation, challenges, self reflection, transformation and return. These six parts are inspired by Joseph Campbell’s theory that journey’s in narrative follow a basic pattern of initiation, separation and return and I felt that modeling my book after Campbell’s theory would allow for a linear progression through a journey in nature, that is open to interpretation.

I also researched Eco-feminism and women’s connection to the natural world. Though this book is subtle in is feminist qualities, I feel that the natural world lends the opportunity to empower women by pushing personal boundaries and doing something that is not so common in society today.

This book started out as looking into the spiritual aspect of spending time in the wilderness and still continues to do that, but for others. Finding your own connection with nature leads to a need to protect it. I can show to you how my journey has ended up so far in my life by presenting my passion for conservation and wilderness protection and I hope that this book will inspire other young women to go down a similar path.

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Spring 2015