Lauren Gonsalves BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2015


Throughout my creative practice I have set out to explore little moments of magic in the everyday in tune with nature. I have created a collection of home goods, titled Dwellore, inspired by this connection of magic and nature. Dwellore focuses on handcrafted, eco-sustainable, genuinely authentic home goods that are functional in the household setting. This collection uses specifically textiles that are crafted to include an altar cloth, banners, sachet bags, storage buckets, and a garland. As a whole, the collection features floral plants and herbs, specific bind runes, depictions of natural and manmade ritual tools, and typography, that serve as decorative patterns, images and as symbols embedded with deep meaning and healing properties. The plants and herbs depicted are those commonly used in pagan rituals or are used for their medicinal properties.

A strong emphasis is placed on the process of making these objects and the materials used in their creation. Sourcing only 100% organic cotton, and utilizing naturally dying print each textile printed with the techniques of screen printing or lithography. The objects in this collection are produced in small editions, placing value on the object and the hand in making.

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Spring 2015