Erik Hoofnagle BFA Animated Arts Thesis Spring 2015

The Hoofnagle Tapes

A live performance show combining storytelling, animation and video about dealing with childhood memories and the things that stick with us into adulthood, that cause us internal shame and sometimes even hold power over us. Those seemingly trivial butterfly moments of that past that lead up to the storm of shame that is adulthood. I suggest that when we rediscover these memories, whether it be through an old photograph, a diary, or in my case a massive collection of home-movies, it’s when we share these things, when we give them away, we take the fire of shame right out of them.

The show is two parts comedy and therapy, working to make people laugh about shame, failure, and the general confusion of childhood, but also to help people (and myself) to heal these old scars. Be proud of your failure, enjoy your awkward history, no one was a perfect child and in this way we are all alike.

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Spring 2015