Alan Kapuler

Edelman Lecture, March 2, 2010

Molecular biologist and public domain plant breeder Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D., who delivered the 2010 Edelman Lecture, “Ecosanity: New Discoveries About Life.” Kapuler is the President of Peace Seeds and the Co-Founder and retired Research Director of Seeds of Change, one of the world’s leading providers of organic seeds. Introduction by Tom Manley, President, and Tracey Cockrell, Foundation Department Chair. Moderated by Tim DuRoche.

Kapuler has been saving seeds and breeding plants for over 30 years from his farm in Corvallis, Oregon. In February 2010, Heather Zinger ’10 documented a visit to Kapuler’s Farm in Corvallis. View the slideshow above.

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