Edward Key MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2014

Fungi in Effigy

Fungi, effigy, cathedral and crypt: these are the four concepts that bind my practicum project. Through research, reflection, and construction, I have woven a distinctly personal tapestry. I based this conglomeration on my interpretation of cultural practices, religious customs, and epicurean rituals. My project invokes what it is to witness and discover these phenomenal icons in context, and how it feels to be a receptive and perceptive visitor in these ethereal spaces. What I have created is a new experience that is based on a composite of my four key concepts.

The project Fungi in Effigy is ultimately a success, but only because it has greatly evolved as a project. I have learned to strike a balance between being thoughtful, skillful, and poetic. I have come to understand that the framework for this entire project is an effective model for a meaningful approach to future work. It is my hope that this document will help guide future students in finding their own meaningful practicum project.

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