Thomas John Gamble MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2014

Endless Shipwreck

Endless Shipwreck deals primarily with strategies for creating art that are at once deeply and sincerely personal and pointedly critical of contemporary culture and politics. The format of the paper will be an in-depth explanation of the often dense web of disparate sources that make up three specific images indicative of my recent output. Through this process, I will address both the visual language I am working in as well as the conceptual basis for each piece.

The juxtaposition of the personal, the historic, and the fictional, steeped in the language of punk subculture, tragic historical events, and 20th century literature, becomes the staging ground from which new stories can be told. By rearranging and recontextualizing elements from the past, by conflating fact and fiction, the traumatic can be spoken of, and new resistant narratives can emerge.

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