Stephanie Brachmann MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2014

Us and Everything Else

This paper examines the disconnection felt in Western culture between humans and all other forms of life on earth. This feeling of disconnection is reflected in and perpetuated by mass consumerism and the mass-produced objects that make up our everyday surroundings, driving us to expect the rest of life—including our own bodies—to live up to constructed standards of cleanliness and homogeneity. I explore the human boundaries that exist around the idea of wilderness, and argue that there are harmful consequences to the assumption that humans are a dominant species. I discuss the use of animal forms as decoration in fashion, and the corporate framing of ideas of nature through simulations of natural environments. These topics are brought to light through the lens of thinkers, among them William Cronon, Donna Haraway, and Timothy Morton. Examples from contemporary art and my own artistic practice are also used throughout the paper

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