Ximena Bedoya ACD MFA Practicum 2014

Remaining in a state of constant departure while always arriving

This practicum is inspired by our transitory nature as humans, as well as the inherent fragility, temporality, and inclination to constant change of inanimate and living matter alike. My creative practice and current artistic production is centered on such notions, and acts as catalyst for the development of a multimedia body of work that explores the phenomenon of material transformation.

The push and pull nature of evolution is the driving force behind matter’s transformation. Perturbation, the act of such push and pull from external forces unto one another, serves as the backbone of my sculpture and video work. I use film to capture the moments in which the shifts within the materials occur. The status of the materials and their identities are not fully understood nor is the stimuli that are causing the alteration.

The creative concept for the pieces follows a live analysis of what happens to the materials, when placed under the influence of particular sets of conditions. The process parallels an experimental, physics laboratory framework, where pressure, density, magnetism, heat, cold, actions and reactions are constantly mutating and causing unexpected results. The poetic quality of the work provokes self-questioning and harnesses an ambiguous content that is located somewhere between fact and fiction, rich visual language and human tangibility.

This practicum is a response to my own constant state of fluidity, which culminates with a new perception, and appreciation of change. The work addresses motion, impermanence, vulnerability and the passage of time, it seeks to engage visually, physically and philosophically by challenging the viewer to become aware of a reality that only exists in a state of becoming.

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