Emily Wyant MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2014


With the permeation of smartphones in contemporary culture today, the amount of visual data we consume has rapidly increased, and marked a shift in the way art can be engaged with. The artworld’s participation and embracement of our ‘always on’ lifestyle offers emerging artists new ways to generate awareness and engagement with their work.

My project, #getitgirl embraces the mobile device as our habitual scroll. As a product of the digital generation, I utilize social media as way to connect to a diverse audience. Whether with a sledgehammer or a brick in my purse, the aim of #getitgirl is to create, in order to destroy. The rapid characteristics of my process reflect our ‘always on’ mentality, and the ritual it has created. On a weekly basis, I build an installation and utilize my smartphone to capture and reframe the destruction. The work is the documentation; the videos are multiplied, mirrored, sped up or slowed down to add to the chaos uploaded to the web daily.

Through constraints and control in my process, it is the lack of control that allows my voice to manifest in the work.

Winner of the 2014 Applied Craft + Design Fellowship

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Spring 2014

115 albums

MFA in Applied Craft + Design Thesis Works