Tara Morte BFA General Fine Arts Thesis Spring 2014

A Deep and Tremulous Earth Poetry

A romantic tragic hero on a quest for truth and meaning. Here, the individual, silent and alone, approaches the coastline attempting to go beyond one’s limit into the unknown. One can never fully understand the ocean’s immensity, vastness, and depth…..

The exhibition titled A Deep and Tremulous Earth-Poetry explores the poetics of the ocean in three different ways: 1. The feeling of disorientation 2. The power of reflection in water 3. The sublime of the ocean; all sharing similar notions of contemplation, disorientation, self-awareness, fear and death. The ocean has a symbolic relationship to the idea of being lost in one self amongst a curious and perplexing world. What the work attempts to confront and question is, how is I that one goes about finding what is unknown to them? What is the limit and tangibility of human consciousness when one is in solitude? How can one over come the fear of the unknown? And through solitude, how can contemplation promote self-realization, awareness and truth?

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Spring 2014