Laurel Cook BFA Thesis Fall 2013

Dear Engine is a hand bound, screen printed, self written, and illustrated artist book that tells the story of my relationship with myself using mechanical schematics as a metaphor for my own body. While using an illustrated machiene as a stand in for my own image, I realized I was objectifying myself in an extreme way. Alarmed and intrigued, I set off to find whether or not other artists had used objectification in an effort to know themselves better. The result of this research was Things of Power. Throughout the creation of this paper and this book, I noticed a pattern. Artists using self objectification tend to have felt in one point of their life or another that they were disconnected from themselves. Both Schneemann and Wojnarowicz notice a divide between the actuality of their identities and the social expectation thrust upon them. Due to this pattern, and my personal motivations for turning myself into an object, I have determined that this process is a way for the artist to reclaim themselves, to feel that their body is their own, to reconcile the disconnect. It is also a way to disseminate images of your specific experience. Through this process, you are not only able to reclaim a sense of authority over your physical body, but your voice as well.

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