Anna Lee Larimore BFA Thesis Fall 2013

I’ll be exploring the liminal space between the seen and the unseen, as I try to fulfill my relationship with my world. As I try to understand that need for intimate relationship, one that wants to become “one with,” I will be placing that need in a social context, suggesting that our need to connect, both intellectually and emotionally is nature’s call within us to understand our family place in the web of life, and to do our best to help it survive. I intend to suggest the possibility of intersubjectivity as a model of relating to replace the subject-over-object model of relating that dominates our relationship with other beings in our web of life.
By exploring the layering of realities and forms, I hope to set up a resonance that reflects our longing to connect, and to suggest a general attitude of nurturance as an appropriate one for a species in our position of dominance.

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Fall 2013