Zo Barazzuol BFA Thesis Spring 2013

Semigloss Magazine is the culmination of my years as a graffiti writer and my time here at PNCA. Through storytelling, image and interview, Semigloss seeks to communicate what it’s like to be a part of the fledgling outlaw culture that is Portland graffiti. The magazine also includes sections on places to eat, reviews, and of course lots of pictures of local graffiti.

I hope that the project can be informative and entertaining as well as visually stimulating. While its content is geared toward graffiti writers I have designed it in such a way that anyone might be able to look at the magazine and leave with a new understanding about graffiti culture and why it means so much to so many. If anything, the project may simply serve as documentation of what was going on here at a specific period in northwest graffiti history.

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Spring 2013