Jess Wise BFA Thesis Spring 2013

In my thesis paper, I intend to bring attention to the constricted representations of women in contemporary American mass-media. I focus my research on the work of Jean Kilbourne, Lisa Cartwright and Marita Sturken, Barbara L. Fredrickson and Tori-Ann Roberts, Ellen Cole and Jessica Henderson Daniel, and the American Psychological Association. I intend to put the spotlight on the media’s depictions of women so that I can analyze their effects and promote healthy body images.

With my visual thesis, I am offering positive images to counter the negative images we are force-fed by the media. I hope healthy images will encourage a healthier body image. FOR T!TS SAKE is my response. It is my effort to begin encouraging new ways of thinking about body image, both personally and socially. I have created a collection of bronze Aqua-Resin casts of about 100 women’s breasts. By exposing such a wide variety of breasts, I hope to promote increased comfort specifically with their differences. By revealing the reality of breasts, I intend to counteract the contemporary American mass-media’s narrow views and depictions of the breast, or what I like to call “media tits”.

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