Kayla Mayer BFA Thesis Spring 2013

I focus a critical lens on the countless objects that fill the average household storage space and how we emotionally depend on those objects as a mass. By examining how we connect with objects as it comes time to throw them away, I aim to show that our dependence on objects goes far beyond the practical. Hoarding exposes our irrational dependence on objects in our soci-ety. Extreme purging, and minimal object lifestyle demonstrate that individ-ual attempts at sparse living do not counter our cultural dependence on huge masses of manmade objects.
For the illustration portion of my thesis I constructed a series of five images that draw on the powerful emotional states that revolve around throwing things away. Fueled by my personal observations from being raised in a hoarding home, I try to break down these emotions into something sym-pathetic, and human. At the same time I expose in the impossibility of living with so many things. My images follow the struggle of need, collection, decay, loss, and finally who we are without the object

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Spring 2013