Meghan Morris ACD MFA Practicum Spring 2013

Unity With Nature: A Constant Transition

“The moment of change is the only poem.”
-Adrienne Rich.

To make a form instinctually is to feel at one with nature, aware of our innate capacity to create from a primal place. Intuitive creation and perpetual change link the human process of art making to evolutionary organic growth. Through a material and written exploration of this connection, this practicum defends the union of humanity and nature, as experientially discovered through powerful presence. Specifically engaged in a personal, dialogical relationship with moments of explicit transition along the life cycles of plants, such instances serve as creative impetus for the construction of a body of work. An installation of sculptural as well as two-dimensional images addressing change as an unending, cyclical, spiritual concept, the work reflects transition as omnipresent and universally experienced. This notion of perpetual change may provoke anxiety, yet may alternatively provide comfort by pointing towards our oneness with the world around us.
Consciousness of one’s being a part of the natural world creates peace of mind and a profound sense of belonging. Slowing down and paying homage to the constant metamorphosis in our world and in our selves, and reflecting upon the inherent interconnectedness between these changes is paramount. “To pay attention, that is our endless and proper work”, writes the poet Mary Oliver. This project is my response to the revelations I find in perceiving change in nature, and has helped to transformation a particular vulnerability to transition in my own life. My soul resides within the physical work. Through a co-evolution and collaboration with the organic, forms and shapes are abstracted intuitively-they are visions. It is my hope that this practicum encourages its audience to investigate their relationship with themselves and with change through the observation of their intrinsic oneness with nature.

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