Theresa Arrison ACD MFA Practicum Spring 2013

Cast and Crafted

On a formal level Cast and Crafted is a practical exploration of the intersection of industrial and craft practices in functional ceramics. I make plaster molds of ubiquitous, everyday objects, cast them in slip, then transform them into housewares with completely new function, slicing, combining and adding wheel thrown elements. By incorporating traditional technique and contemporary methods of mass production I am creating a visual language that honors the rich history of ceramics while harnessing the efficiency and repeatability of slip casting, Working with cast objects as building blocks proved to be an extremely generative process with one piece leading to an idea for the next and that leading to the next. The resulting work exists as a cohesive collection, embodying the crisp structure of the mold, yet each piece stands as a unique object with the hand-work, adding a humorous individuality to what could otherwise be products of rigid replication. On a deeper level, this project is about coming to terms with the concept of function and finding my place in the terrain of art, craft and design. Cast and Crafted is a physical manifestation of learned confidence, incorporation of self, and balance.

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