Kyla Mucci ACD MFA Practicum Spring 2013

Pastoral: Growing Regional Clothing from Sheep to Shoulder

Most garments we wear contain fiber grown in one country, be woven in another, and sewn in a third, then shipped to the United States for cheap sale. While this process allows for low-priced goods, it compromises the health of economies, people, and land. This topic has recently come into focus with the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh and the death of over one thousand garment workers. Pastoral is a response to this global issue and explores the viability of making sustainable garments in the Northwest region of the United States. This work follows garment production from start to finish: raising sheep, processing wool, spinning yarn, weaving fabric, natural dyeing, and garment construction in collaboration with local designers. Though each of these processes demand a lifetime to master, this Practicum highlights specific aspects of each to argue for resource provenance and supply chain transparency. The intention is to present beautiful garments that inspire consumers and makers to question the origin of their clothing. The scope of this project contributes to the Slow Fashion Movement by reconsidering venues of production with community centered values.

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