Megan Saxon BFA Thesis Spring 2013

I have been exploring portrait painting, focusing on how to capture an aspect of my sitter’s identity, and translate it into the painting. I have been ap-proaching portrait painting in two different ways. One through painting my model’s face, giving my viewers access to the sitters emotional state, through the expression depicted in the painting. The second, by creating a portrait of my sitter through a collection of their personal objects. I am specifically working with the model’s medicine cabinets, and the objects within. Medicine cabinets are full of objects that give the viewer information about the owners insecurities, needs, and desires. With this information I am building an in-ternal portrait of my sitter. I have also been questioning our voyeuristic sides: Why we look through other’s objects as a way to feel closer to that per-son, and how we put trust into objects rather then people.

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Spring 2013